TOUR TEMPO® SpeedBall®: Why use it?

Now, for the first time in the history of Golf, the SPEEDBALL® correctly applies the proven principle of progressive resistance training to the golf swing. This is applied through the Power Module Resistance Tails. They provide the correct amount of resistance at impact, the point in the swing where you need club head speed. This teaches you to accelerate through the ball at impact. The Tour Tempo® SPEEDBALL® System uses the proven scientific principle of progressive resistance training to increase your club head speed. The Resistance Tails are scientifically designed to provide just the right amount of resistance to progressively overload your golf muscles at impact. This (1) programs your subconscious mind to increase club head speed at and thru impact, and (2) also trains your body to apply the correct forces to keep the club head on the proper path through impact. These are two of the keys to longer and straighter golf shots.

Why training with just a Golf Ball will never dramatically increase your Distance and Power. According to the book, „The Search for the Perfect Swing“ (the definitive study on the application of science to the golf swing), club head speed is the main factor in determining distance. Before the SPEEDBALL®, there has been no safe way to dramatically and quickly increase your club head speed without losing accuracy. With the SPEEDBALL®, when you add speed, you also improve your directional control, resulting in consistently straighter shots. It is physics – in case you want to carry the ball 232 meter in the air? Well, then you are going to need a club head speed of 110 miles per hour (177 km/h) through impact.

Athletes in other sports have applied the proven scientific technique of progressive resistance training to increase strength and speed. A good example of this is a weight lifter working out on a lat pull down machine. In order to increase their strength, they will progressively increase the number of plates that they lift. This provides progressive resistance, adding resistance in specific, progressive amounts. Over time, their muscles react to this by increasing in size to handle the increase in the workload.

This is what the SPEEDBALL® equipment does. It provides progressive resistance training, targeting the specific point in the swing where it is needed the most, impact. No weighted club, nor swing fan will do this. However, if our weight lifter would continue to work out with just one plate engaged on the machine, they would not expect to make dramatic gains in strength. By definition, they would not be applying progressive resistance. It would be static, unchanging resistance. Hitting balls at the range is like using only one plate all the time and does not apply the scientifically proven principle of Progressive Resistance Training to the Golf Swing. Yet this is what golfers do when they just hit balls at the range. Since the size and weight of the golf ball are never going to change, just hitting golf balls will never provide the golfer with the benefits of progressive weight resistance. Just hitting golf balls would be like using one plate on the lat pull down machine and expecting dramatic gains in strength.

How does the TOUR TEMPO® SPEEDBALL® System correctly apply progressive resistance training to the golf swing?

It is applied by what we call the Resistance Tails. There are two included in the Power Module, a short tail and a long tail. They apply progressive amounts of air and weight resistance at and thru impact, the exact place that we want to increase and sustain club head speed.