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Increasing your Distance

The Only 2 Variables to Hit the Ball Farther (and still be in the fairway) When you boil it down, two variables determine your distance increase; the ball and the club. Elementary, I know, but we need to understand the difference between the two. We need to look at the key features of each and how [...]

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Your Personal Data

You cannot have escaped the news on the General Data and Protection regulations (the GDPR), that have come into force on May 25. Companies are to become more cautious about all data on their customers. In this blog, we detail in short what kind of data we use for our business. We explain what we [...]

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Speed in the Golf Swing

the Perspective on How to Train Speed for your golf Tour Tempo has pretty much over 20+ years of experience with training speed. Speed without accuracy means little in golf, and therefore when we mention speed it is the combination of the two in order to get you more clubhead speed. Now, more speed is [...]

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How do you Teach Speed in Golf?

While getting more distance and consistency In this blog, we are going to break down what Tour Tempo achieves in terms of speed and increased distance. And how we do it. With speed we mean club head speed, and ball speed as a measure of a good swing with transfer of impact onto the ball. [...]

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