How to adapt your golf swing for more Speed

In our Tour Tempo Europe’s October Newsletter we dealt with quick and easy ways to improve on distance and accuracy. Basically this was  through working in a one day session with the Tempo Tones, and also learn how to hit THRU instead of AT the golf ball.

The third way presented was to improve on your body. So how do we get better golf-muscles, and most of all more speed?

Like in many other athletic sports improvements come from challenging your current situation. Go for increased demand, and you will adapt to the new situation. So get used to higher clubheadspeeds by swinging harder. Also add resistance. Obviously such exercises have to be golf specific, should not injure you in the process, and you should be able to create excess speed.

Here is a typical Tour Tempo workout for speed and more distance. We use our Speedball, the Power Module, and you may like to use the Speedball Driver. The Driver is al little lighter than regular drivers. This allows you to create overspeeds. Train in your back garden, or anywhere you can swing a club safely. You do not need  a golf ball!

The Training Drill

One super set of  the drill consists of:

i-5 Y Drills with the basic Speedball target

ii-5 L Drills

iii-5 swing Right Hand Only

iv-5 swings Left Hand Only

v- 5 Full Swings to the Tour Tempo Long Game Tones

That is one super set. Do the second set with the Power modules’ middle tail and the third set with the long tail. So altogether 3 total sets. Use the driver length Speedball on the 2nd and 3rd sets for the full swings if you can . The Speedball Driver gives you the benefit of overspeed training coupled with resistance at impact.

What do you get?

It all depends where you come from with your before clubhead speed. But the advantages of working with the dedicated Speedball equipment will surprise you. It will take work. This change we make is not permanent If you want to maintain the increase, you obviously will need to put in the work. We have documented increases however of more than 10 mph clubhead speed.

What sort of workout frequency do you need? Think about a typical 3 to 4 time a week sessions of about 30 minutes duration. Stick with it for quite some time to make it permanent.

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