The SpeedBall® teaches the feeling of Square Impact better than anything else on the planet

And Square Impact is the most important factor in achieving straight shots. According to the book, The Search for the Perfect Swing (the definitive study on the application of science to the golf swing), to hit a ball long and straight boils down to three things:

  1. Clubhead square at impact
  2. Clubhead moving down the target line at impact
  3. at Maximum speed

The SpeedBall uses a principle that we call Feed Forward. Feed Forward means that you learn the feeling of the correct movement through doing the action. How is this different from conventional training aids and video systems on the market today? Well, most just give you the results of the last swing that you took, or only work on one aspect of the swing. As many of you already know, those results that you get have totally nothing to do with acquiring the correct feeling for the right action. Just because you intellectually KNOW that you sliced the last shot, or that your takeaway was too much inside last time doesn’t mean that you can make the next one go straight.

Knowing your Swing

The current trend is video analysis is a good example of this. Much time is spent in analyzing exactly where every body part is at any particular point of the swing; but as golfers have found out, just knowing this information doesn’t mean we can change it. The reason that this information is totally useless as far as changing your swing is that it does absolutely nothing to give you the feeling of what you are trying to accomplish. The golfer’s lament – “I KNOW what I should be doing, I just can’t do it.” Bobby Jones stated that squaring the clubhead up at impact can only be achieved by our subconscious mind …. which is programmed by our FeedForward principle.

The beauty of the SpeedBall System is that it ingrains into your subconscious mind two of the most important and difficult to learn essentials of the golf swing – (1) Squaring the face of the club up at impact, and (2) acceleration of the club at and thru impact.

The SpeedBall Kit

It is composed of the Driver or Iron Striking Club, Impact Target or Face Plate(s), Base, Instructional Videos, and Speed Training Workout.

The Striking Club is weighted the same and has the same feel as a regular golf club. The clubhead is a ball that has a cross of Velcro strips attached. The Impact Target presents a one foot target that stands up from the floor. The face of it is covered with Velcro. You place the Impact Target on its Base, or stick it to the Kickstand. The idea is to swing thru the middle of the Impact Target and stick the Impact Target to the clubhead as it is swung to the finish.

The Instructional Videos and Speed Training Workout are provided online with the product. Follow this link for the Speed Workout.

How does the SpeedBall System correctly apply progressive resistance training to the golf swing?

It is applied by what we call the Resistance Tail Face Plate. The Face Plate applies progressive amounts of air and weight resistance at and through impact, the exact place that we want to increase and sustain clubhead speed.

This teaches you to accelerate through the ball at impact. The SpeedBall System uses the proven scientific principle of progressive resistance training to increase your clubhead speed. The SpeedBall Face Plate is scientifically designed to provide just the right amount of resistance to progressively overload your golf muscles at impact.

Athletes in other sports have applied the proven scientific technique of progressive resistance training to increase strength and speed. A good example of this is a weightlifter working out on a lat pull down machine. In order to increase his strength, he will progressively increase the number of plates that he lifts.

This provides progressive resistance, adding resistance in specific, progressive amounts. Over time, his muscles react to this by increasing in size to handle the increase in the workload. The machine he is working on is also targeting a specific area of the body, the muscles known as the lats (latissimus dorsi).

This is what the SpeedBall equipment does. It provides progressive resistance training, targeting the specific point in the swing where it is needed the most, impact.

However, if our weightlifter would continue to work out with just 1 plate engaged on the machine, he would not expect to make dramatic gains in strength. By definition, he would not be applying progressive resistance. It would be static, unchanging resistance.

Why training with just a Golf Ball will never dramatically increase your Distance and Power

According to the book, The Search for the Perfect Swing (the definitive study on the application of science to the golf swing), clubhead speed is the main factor in determining distance. If the most important factor for increasing distance is Clubhead Speed at Impact, then the only way to dramatically increase your distance is to dramatically increase your clubhead speed. Before the SpeedBall, there has been no safe way to dramatically and quickly increase your clubhead speed without losing accuracy. With the SpeedBall, when you add speed, you also improve your directional control, resulting in consistently straighter shots.

Hitting one ball at a time at the range is like using only one plate all the time and does not apply the scientifically proven principle of Progressive Resistance Training to the Golf Swing. Yet this is what golfers do when they just hit balls at the range. Since the size and weight of the golf ball are never going to change, just hitting golf balls will never provide the golfer with the benefits of progressive weight resistance. Just hitting golf balls would be like using one plate on the lat pull down machine and expecting dramatic gains in strength. Golfing Insanity.

The Face Plate Target

How does the Tour Tempo® System correctly apply progressive resistance training to the golf swing? It is applied by what we call the Face Plate Target. The SpeedBall Face Plate applies a progressive amount of air and weight resistance at and through impact, the exact place that we want to increase and sustain clubhead speed.

Use the SpeedBall system just like a weightlifter uses progressive Resistance training. Once you have become accustomed to the program, then alternate days between power Training with the Target and with the Face Plate with days where you concentrate on Balance and Tempo using the Tour Tempo Tones.

Weightlifters also rest between sets to replenish their supplies of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) and CR (Creatine Phosphate). You should do the same. A recovery period between sets of 3 to 5 minutes is the technique used by weightlifters to do this.

The reason that the SpeedBall works so good for the golf swing is that it brings specificity to Golf Swing training. That is, it uses the exact same type of muscular activity associated with swinging a golf club, and requires exactly the same movement patterns and application of strength from the various muscles of the body as swinging a golf club. It also conditions your muscles to bring your full effort to bear by having the resistance at impact.