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SelfieGolf: enregistrer votre propre swing vidéo de golf

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The SelfieGolf

How do you record your own golf swing on video properly? The SelfieGolf is an easy-to-use device that lets you set up your smartphone for top quality swing videos. And it is now very simple to do. Attach the clip to your golfbag, click a tour stick or driver shaft onto the clip, clamp the SelfieGolf with your smartphone onto the shaft and line up. You are now ready to take a selfie golf swing yourself.



  • Selfie Clip holds any smartphone and clamps onto alignment stick or driver shaft
  • Bag Clip Attaches to either standing or even tour bags
  • Click-on stick holder 
  • Storage Bag
  • Instruction leaflet

( Alignment stick or Tour stick not included)

How to record your own golf swing on video

You want to take a video of your golf swing and get better. That is a good thing. Now you can simply record that video with SelfieGolf yourself. Once you have your cellular phone and the stick or driver shaft in place you can align your video. You take target line videos or face-on videos. But in both cases line up the camera straight down or facing on and around waist-high above the floor.

The recording along the target line gives you feedback on body angles, swing plane, alignment and ball direction. For the face on recording read the next section, but likewise, take a close look at your grip and stance.

Record your swing video the Tour Tempo way

So line up the video camera at ninety degrees to your target line with a « buckle belt view ».

How to position for a swing tempo video
Make sure that your distance to the camera is enough to record the clubhead from takeaway to the top of the backswing. Take one or more swing videos. You can import the swing videos in our Tour Tempo Frame counter App. The App lets you count your swing tempo frame by frame. For the real results get a 3-to-1 frame ratio of backswing over the downswing frame count; Tour Tempo.

SelfieGolf also on the putting green
You would like to train for a Tour Tempo putting tempo? Record with your SelfieGolf placed on the putting surface and record your putting stroke face-on.  Import the video in the Frame Counter App and frame count your perfect 2-to-1 short game tempo.

Informations complémentaires

Poids250 g
Dimensions12,5 × 7 × 14 cm

noir, noir / rouge, turquoise, bleu, rose, blanc


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