According to the book “The Search for the Perfect Swing” clubhead speed is the main factor in determining distance. Moreover, the book is also known as “the definitive study on the application of science to the golf swing”. If the most important factor for increasing distance is Clubhead Speed at Impact, then the only way to dramatically increase your distance is to dramatically increase your clubhead speed. Amateur and pro golfers alike want more distance. In fact, for pros, it is a must nowadays. You do not make the top hundred on the PGA Tour if your ball speed coming off the driver is not 170 mph or more. See the PGA Tour Statistics. So how are we going to get more distance on the golf course?

Train and Adapt

Athletes in other sports have already proven for us the technique of progressive resistance training to increase strength and speed. A good example of this is a weightlifter working out on a lateral pulldown machine. To increase his strength, he will progressively increase the number of plates that he lifts. Over time he or she will build up muscle volume as long as the weightlifter increases the workload. If you work-out with the same number of plates on the lateral pulldown machine, you cannot expect to make dramatic gains.

The same for the golfer on the driving range hitting balls. Hitting one ball at a time at the range is like using only one plate of the lat pulldown machine. There is no progressive loading.

Yet this is what golfers do when they just hit balls at the range. Since the size and weight of the golf ball on the driving range are never going to change, just hitting golf balls will never provide the golfer with the benefits of progressive weight resistance. Hence, you may call it “Golfing Insanity”.

So how to Train the correct Way?

The Speedball is a striking club that is pretty much the same as a standard 5-iron. The ball at its end has a Velcro Strip Cross. This is the front side of the club. Now, swing the club into the Velcro made target. You have to hit the club straight for the target to stick. Finish your swing while picking up the extra weight of the target. Importantly, this extra weight tells your mind where the resistance is. Namely, at impact.Tour Tempo Speedball target to train to higher clubhead speed

We now have to apply progressive resistance. Like by comparison, more plates on our lateral pulldown machine. This is done with the Tour Tempo Faceplates. There are two of them. One with a medium length Tail, and one with a long Tail attached to the targets. You can stick the Faceplates’ Velcro to the basic Speedball target, and begin with your training. The “tails” provide progressive amounts of air and weight resistance.

The Speedball Faceplates provide additional resistance and weight for training clubhead speed

Tour Tempo Speedball Faceplates

Besides, you learn to hit at and through the impact area, and not “against” the golf ball. We have a great detailed video for you as well. Just follow this link.

Start to Train and get more Distance

The Tour Tempo Speedball and Faceplates combo provide great possibilities. You start to train based on sound athletic principles.  Also, you train with a golf specific move. So you use the correct muscles, and yet learn to move where you are meant to move. Additionally, you learn the mind where the impact location is. This is where you want your maximum clubhead speed for more distance on the golf course. Moreover, Tour Tempo has cases with 20 to 30 m gains in one hour of training. However, that is for later blogs.