What is TOUR TEMPO About?

Put two professional golf players next two each other during practice, and you may see that they swing the club in the same tempo. It means that these players take the club away from the ball, and back to impact in the same amount of time. Moreover, the time for the backswing divided by the time for the downswing is a fixed ratio.

Prior to his tempo discovery, golf-inventor John Novosel Sr. already produced a couple of innovations. One was the Speedball, which is still widely used today. Tour Tempo Speedball to train for maximum clubhead speedThe Speedball offers a different kind of training. Namely, how to make an athletic movement. In this respect, golf is, contrary to longtime beliefs,  not different from many other sports. Since then Novosel Sr. and his team still make new tools and exercises, that change the way you can train for more speed and distance in your game. On this page, we present more information on Tour Tempo.

Tempo Discovery

The discovery of tempo in the golf swing dates from the period around the year 2000. Counting the frames of standard video material shows that professional golfers swing fast in the order of one second from takeaway to impact. Express this tempo as 21/7: 21 frames for the backswing, and 7 frames for the downswing. However, Novosel Sr. discovered that recreational golfers deviate from the 3-to-1 ratio with their tempos. Also, often they swing with a slower tempo. Consequently, these golfers lose distance and direction. Yale University did even two studies on the subject. These studies validated the use of the Tour Tempo data.

Novosel Sr. together with John Garrity, a well-known golf writer, produced two books on the definition of tempo in the golf swing. Besides abundant evidential data, Novosel Sr. also invented a way to train tempo at the same time: the Tour Tempo® Tones. This for the long game, as well as for the short game. Still, the method is one of the few audio training methods available on the market at present. Also, the Tones are in use with top professionals and Major winners, as well as recreational golfers.Tour Tempo 1 and 2 Publications

Thousands and thousands of measurements since its discovery, tempo in the golf swing still is as defined. Yes, professional golfers swing faster than in the past, but along the lines of the Tour Tempo discovery. Moreover, a tour tempo is key to produce lower scores. More on the tempo discovery is on the video of this page of our website.


Ask golfers what they want. They will most likely answer, more distance and more accuracy. However, Tour Tempo has not stopped here with tempo only. The Total Tour Tempo System teaches you how to make an athletic golf move. In fact, this is based on our long-time experience. You have to experience, or feel, what has to move, and what not, in order to produce a proper golf swing. As a matter of fact, you also have to do this subconsciously.

Besides proper tempo, there are three other necessities. Firstly, you may have to work-out (sorry!). As the body improves you will see gains in speed. Secondly, you need good mechanics in order to hit the ball with maximum velocity off the club. Thirdly, you need to experience and adapt to training with increased demand. We do this through a series of specific drills with our tools, so you can master the required motor skills along the lines of modern training principles.

At Present

Presently, we have a complete system for all aspects of golf. The tempo Tones can be learned with the use of the Total Game App. There are Training Aids for Speed, LAG, and how to release the golf club.Tour Tempo Total Game App For the short game, there are aids for bunker play, putting, and short game pitching and chipping. Also, we regularly update and distribute more information on our blog, and in newsletters.

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