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Rev up your backswing for 20 more yards. A new method for measuring swing tempo proves that your swing is too slow, and that the secret to more distance is simply a matter of stepping on the gas.


The man who’s spent his life studying the tempo of the world’s best players explains what it is and why it’s so important. Does a petite LPGA pro really swing the club at the same rhythm as Tiger Woods?


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Thanks to John Novosel’s research in the 2004 book Tour Tempo, we know that virtually all good golf swings are built on a 3-to-1 ratio. No matter how fast or slow these swings are, the backswing takes three times as long as the downswing.

“In all the reviews I’ve written for MyGolfSpy (a number now pushing up on 100), I have only given one perfect score. Now, Tour Tempo can be added to that most-elite company.”
—GolfSpy Matt

Golf Digest

After studying film and video footage of many of the game’s best players, Novosel realized that virtually every top golfer has the same swing tempo: The backswing takes three times as long as the downswing.

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Compared with the quick-jerk artists at your neighborhood range, the best players in the world seem to swing in slow motion. But the truth is that they are completing their swings much faster than it seems.



Tempo is an omnipresent element of the golf swing. It is a crucial part of the swing, although the common wisdom is that each golfer possesses an individual tempo that cannot or should not be altered.

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If you’re a typical golfer, you own a dozen or more instructional books. The titles may vary – The Seven Foundations of Golf, Power Golf, etc. – but the contents are basically the same.


George Peper – The Secret of Golf : A Century of Groundbreaking, Innovative, and Occasionally Outlandish Ways to Master the World’s Most Vexing Game.

In his new book, The Secret of Golf, George Peper – former editor-in-chief of GOLF Magazine for 25 years, singled out Tour Tempo out as one of the 47 breakthroughs in golf instruction.

From the introduction to his book:

“The true heroes of this book are the unsung innovators.. who spent their lifetimes thinking about and working towards a better way to play, then on one glorious day experienced a genuine Eureka moment. I′m referring to the likes of John Novosel and his discovery of Tour Tempo.” And, “Golf′s first twenty first century eureka occurred in the spring of 2000 when John Novosel discovered something he called Tour Tempo.”

I definitely recommend the book as it pretty much covers the full spectrum of the history of instruction. I found it entertaining and a joy to read. I particularly liked a sentence on the dustjacket of the book:

“The bad news about golf will come as no surprise to anyone who plays it: It is a game that is impossible to perfect. But the good news is that on any given day, there′s a secret that will bump you to the next level.”

“TOUR TEMPO is an exciting breakthrough in golf instruction, the most revolutionary work to be published about the golf swing since the beginning of golf as we know it.”
– Doubleday Books