And why the Golf Swing has its specific tempo

In case your forgot, the old paradigm and myth goes something like this: “If you walk slow and talk slow, then you should swing slow”.  Or “if you walk fast and talk fast, then you should swing fast”.  Your tempo of your swing should match your personality. On the face of it, it seems to make sense, but if you really think about it in terms of athleticism and sports , it makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE.  If you hold the view that golf is a sport and golfers are athletes, then it really gets put in the correct light.

So we Ask an Expert

In order to keep this unbiased, we got the opinion of someone who really knows sports and athletes.  And to get that beginner’s mind, someone that does not know tempo for golf.  I knew just the person to ask, Dr. Rob Jones.  Here is his bio …. He knows sports, as well as athletes, and our Body. He also fits the criteria of the white slate for tempo.  I called up Dr. Jones and told him of the old paradigm and did that make sense to him.

His answer……, this makes no sense as he mentioned me examples of basketball players, Olympians, football players. Some of these guys are completely laid back (walk slow and talk slow) and some are Type A. But regardless of their personality, when the bell sounds, they turn into supermen with super speed, and fast tempo’s and rhythms. Moreover, their personality does not matter, they have to play the sport at high level and do what the greats do.

Back to Golf

The other thing you always want to test with theories/methods/paradigms: Does it play out in reality?  In other words, what do the pros do?  So, you have got that, plus you have got the fact that Tiger Woods won majors with 3 different tempo’s (all 3-to-1 ratio).  In light of the old paradigm, two of those did NOT fit his personality.  Boo Weekly is another great example.  Boo doesn’t strike me as a Type A, but his tempo is fast. Fred Couples is a another perfect example. He is the guy that didn’t pick up the phone. Because, according to him, there might be someone on the other end, guess what Fred’s tempo is?  It is 24/8 and that is fast!  The list goes on and on, it doesn’t play out. Our recommendation is to pick out the swing of one of the legendary ball strikers that you love.  Find out his or her tempo. Count his frames.  Get the Tour Tempo Micro Player or App and start swinging to that (of 4) tempo.  Watch your shots go farther and straighter!

On a Note

Similar to music a baby is not born with golf’s tempo on its hard disk. It is acquired, and if you are lucky to have your first golf swing next to a tour pro you are privileged. You copy the tempo of the golf pro, and that is the 3-to-1 ratio for the tempo of the golf swing (look here for the key to swing tempo It is then incorporated in your “small brain”. Scans make it possible these days to see these kind of brain activities, and why your ear, or your golf-eye likes these tempos (or musical beats). The validation of tour tempo in a Yale study (you can download it here provides insights that amateur golfers display large deviations from the ideal ratio. But you can emulate the tour pro now, so to get maximum output with your swing from minimum input.

(in co-operation with John Novosel Jr. of Tour Tempo)