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Get more Distance on the Golf Course

According to the book “The Search for the Perfect Swing” clubhead speed is the main factor in determining distance. Moreover, the book is also known as “the definitive study on the application of science to the golf swing”. If the most important factor for increasing distance is Clubhead Speed at Impact, then the only way [...]

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Your Personal Data

How we use Data plus some Golf You cannot have escaped the news on the General Data and Protection regulations (the GDPR), that has come into force on May 25. Companies have to become more cautious on all data related to their customers. In this blog we will detail in short what kind of data [...]

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Every Golfer wants more Distance

So we continue to blog for you on Training for Speed in your Swing and more Distance Ask golfers what they want, and they will nine out of ten times give you the answer of more distance. If you have not read our earlier blog on the subject, please read here... . It is very important [...]

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Speed in the Golf Swing

the Perspective on How to Train Speed for your golf Tour Tempo has pretty much over 20+ years of experience with training speed. Speed without accuracy means little in golf, and therefore when we mention speed it is the combination of the two in order to get you more clubhead speed. Now, more speed is [...]

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Get Rid of some Myths in Golf

This one is on Tempo in the swing One of the often heard remarks in golf is that your golf swing is slow when you walk slow, or also talk slowly. And you would be walking slow, or also talk slowly. Why? Well it could be your personality that does not allow you to swing [...]

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