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RECODING FOR POWER Video Series by John Novosel Jr.

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Ben Hogan once said, “Reverse every natural instinct and do the opposite of what you are inclined to do, and you will probably come very close to having a perfect golf swing.”

I’ve discovered over the years that most (basically all) golfers have the same types of faulty movement patterns (Hogan was right). I would show the golfer the correct pattern and then they would do it. Problem Solved, right? Wrong! Even when I showed the golfer what to do and how to do it, and even when the golfer did the right movement in the drill, they would still go back to their old movement over a ball. I realized that I had to do more than just get the correct muscles to fire, I had to ‘LIGHT those MUSCLES UP’ with some type of resistance or external force to overcome. I call this RECODING.

Optimizing your swing – and in the process reap more distance and accuracy – requires you to Recode your Motor Patterns. When I did this with my students, changes would finally take place OVER THE BALL (that’s important:)

Tools Needed: You don’t need training aids for this series. You do need a medicine ball (or ball of some type such as a basketball) and some type of band that you can hook to a door or cable machine.

**Safety Notes**

  • Consult your physical practitioner before starting any exercise program.
  • Make sure you are using a new/secure band. You do not want the band breaking and/or coming loose.
  • When throwing medicine balls, make sure you are in a safe environment (eg., ensure the ball won’t bounce and hit you in the face; also I’m not a fan of catching medicine balls off of a wall, just let it land).


“If you are serious about gaining speed and working on your turn this is a MUST. I picked up 4mph club head speed and have only been doing it for a week.” J.L.

“Wow John, this is fantastic! Gave me a lot of different feels and a great training/warm up program.” J.P.

Video List:

  1. Shoulder Turn / Creating Width
  2. Med Ball Turns
  3. Med Ball Band Squeezes
  4. Med Ball Power
  5. Width and Landing A
  6. Width and Landing B
  7. Lead Leg Hip Opening
  8. Med Ball Fascial Hip Load
  9. Bonus
  10. Split Stance Hip Load
  11. Club Across Chest T-Spine / Tilt
  12. Arms in the Air
  13. Lead Wrist Radial Deviation
  14. Bombs

Sample Videos:

Introduction: Shoulder Turn / Creating Width
Thoracic Rotation aka Shoulder Turn plus creating width in the backswing (using a simple band)

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Width and Landing A
Width and Landing with Band on Shoulder

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Split Stance Hip Load

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Which medicine ball/band should I use?

For men, a 8 to 10 pound ball will be fine, don’t want it too bouncy and also needs to be ‘squeezable’. For women 4 to 6 pounds would be fine. The resistance bands should be ‘light to medium’ meaning you don’t have to strain with all your might to move them.

How often should I be RECODING?

You can do these drills 1x per week, 3x per week or every day. Most of my students (PGA tour pros and amateurs) find 4-5x per week optimal. But you WILL see results doing them 1x per week for 10 minutes.

Will these drills help an aging golfer?

Absolutely! These drills apply to all golfers but will especially help an aging golfer who is losing the ability to load due to restrictions in movement.


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