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Three Books, Three Revolutionary Secrets
Apply Physics to Feel for Effortless Power

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Tour Tempo Force


TOUR TEMPO – Golf’s Last secret Finally Revealed started the revolution with its groundbreaking discoveries. These shattered the paradigms on rhythm in the golf swing. However the book also delivered the simple and effective Tour Tempo tones. Golfers of all abilities could swing faster and employ the 3:1 ratio used by the greatest players of today and yesterday. The Results are Longer and Straighter shots with less thinking!

TOUR TEMPO 2 – The Short Game & Beyond continued the work of the original book. Now, with a focus on the short game and a new ratio of the 2 to 1. And the publication came with the new Tour Tempo short game tones. The Results are wedge shots, chips and putts closer to (or in) the hole!

TOUR TEMPO FORCE delivers the third secret by combining the tenets of Tour Tempo with the physics of harmonic oscillators and pendulums. the book explains how you can optimize your long and short games by applying the proper force in the backswing and downswing. Specific drills are explained and demonstrated. But also, for the first time in 10 years, we introduce new Tour Tempo Tones. The Result for you is more focus and more speed!


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